Custom Design Digital Art Print - How to Order

Custom Design Digital Art Print - How to Order


Custom Design Digital Art Print - How to Order

You may now order a custom design art print from the custom coloring page or Printable Art collection. To place an order, please contact me with the details of your request first to receive a quote. After receiving a quote you may be sent a link here to make a payment for your order, depending on the scope of the customization work and the length of your quote. Please select the package option at check out based on the quote you have been given, there are three packages available (A, B, and C). 

At check out please provide all the information with your order, your email address and the design you wish to customize, most importantly, the exact text to be included in the design. Please make sure all text is spelled correctly (case sensitive please) as the way you like it displayed.

The default specifications of a digital art print is as following -

Format: JPG & PDF
Size: 8"x 10" / 300 DPI

If you like the art print to be different in size, format, orientation from the pre-made design, please include your preference with the order as well. You will receive one digital file per order, unless otherwise noted. 

There is ONE complimentary revision included with this purchase. Please make sure you include all your requests and the correction information with your order at check out. Additional revision is $15 each.

The digital files will be sent to you by email within 24 hours after your payment is processed and cleared. On weekend, please allow 48 hours lead time.

For terms of use, please visit our Store Policies before placing an order. Thank you.