Pay As You Go Logo Design - perfect for customizing pre-made logo designs

Sometimes a pre-made logo design is all you need with a minor change - maybe it's the element of the logo, the color of the element, or simply different arrangement - here are some of examples to show you how it can be done with Pay As You Go logo design!


Replacing an Element of a pre-made logo

In this first example above, the premade logo is just what you are looking for, but you like to have a different floral bouquet - that's an easy one! We'll replace it with a different bouquet - with hundreds of pre-made floral bouquets for you to choose from.



Replacing an Element of a pre-made logo ( ex. 2 )

In this second example above, perhaps you like the fruits logo for your blog but you prefer a different element, that is lemon? That's another easy one! Pay As You Go logo design allows you to choose another element from my pre-made element collection and easily replace it. You can even choose a new font!



Replacing colors of element


In this example above, the color of the element (or the entire logo) can be changed to a color of your choice. You can also keep the color of the text in black and change only the color of the element (or vice versa!). Please note - not all colors are easily modified in pre-made logo designs - please consult with us for your logo design options.



Changing the layout or arrangement of a pre-made logo

In this example above, you can use Pay As You Go logo design package to make an arrangement or layout change in a premade logo design. This solution is necessary sometimes because your business name may be too short or too long or simply does not fit into the premade logo design.


For more on Pay As You Go logo design, please also check out this Illustrated Example.